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They Are Cursed Like You
Escape is only one spell away...


Courtney and her friends dream of escaping Shady Acres Trailer Park, a place of broken dreams and rusted out cars. Their wishes seem to come true when Courtney meets an older woman who promises to give them their heart's desires, but as the girls wind up in over their heads, Courtney begins to doubt the older coven's intentions while she and the girl she loves drift further apart.

But there is a force at work behind the scenes, darker and more dangerous than any of them could have imagined; the Wolf is owed four rabbits, and he’s come to collect.

We Haunt These Woods Cover.jpg

We Haunt These Woods


Take my hand and come with me...


Nate Holbrook had put his past behind him. When his friends went missing all those years ago at Lake Swart, it had been nothing more than a tragic mystery. No matter what stories they’d told each other about the “Forest Man,” there was no primeval menace lingering in that cave they found deep in the woods.

But when Nate meets up with Jennifer, a fellow Lake Swart survivor and his first love, everything changes. Finding her scarred and broken by the weight of the past, he proposes a daring remedy for their shared trauma—to return to their old summer haunt and prove the thing in the cave nothing more than a delusion and a myth.

But what if Nate is wrong?

What if the Forest Man is still waiting, after all this time, for a new friend to sing his song… to take his hand and disappear?

If I had to pick a winner, one short story to rule them all, it would be Holley Cornetto's "Forest Man."

Goodreads reviewer


This story hit all the marks. FIVE STARS.

Goodreads reviewer

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