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The following is a list of anthologies where my stories can be found.

Calls From Forest.jpg
It Calls From the Forest

Eerie River Press

Featuring my short story, "Forest Man."

It Calls From the Sea
Eerie River Publishing
Featuring my story, "Heaven's Lake."


A Woman Built by Man

Cemetery Gates Media


Featuring my story,  "She Sings of Pain and Sorrow."

Don't Break the Oath

Kandisha Press


Featuring my story,  "The Groom of Lorelei"

Night Terrors Vol. 9
Scare Street Press

Featuring my story, "Cicada's Song."

Half that you See.jpg
The Half That You See

AM Ink Press

Featuring my story "Raven O'Clock"

Harvest Cover.jpg
Harvest: A Farmhouse Horror Anthology

Blood Song Books

The floorboards creak, the corn rustles, the blood moon rises, and terror stirs... What horrors lurk in the darkness, or right beneath your nose under the stark glare of the sweltering sun? Is it human, animal, or something far more sinister?

Featuring my short story, "The Murder of Crows."


It Calls From the Veil

Eerie River Publishing

Featuring my story "A Few Small Repairs."

Dancing Shadows.jpg
Dancing in the Shadows: A Tribute to Anne Rice

Featuring "Black Mold Lullabies"
Best of Wlydblood.jpg
The Best of Wyldblood Volume 1

Wyldblood Press

Featuring my story "Coal Dust and Shadows"

13 Victims.jpg
13 Victims

Black Hare Press

The following is a factual account of what truly happened during the reign of terror of both The Thames Torso Murderer and the most famous serial killer in history, Jack the Ripper. I fully understand that what you are about to read will strain credibility, but ask yourself this: Is it any more outlandish than the tales of vengeful midwives, murderous authors, and royal conspiracies that have been doing the rounds for these past 133-plus years?​

Banned Cover.jpg

Black Hare Press

A terrifying collection of 22 rock band themed horror stories from worldwide authors.


Featuring my short story, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."


Beasts Cover.jpg
A-Z of Horror: B is for Beasts

Red Cape Publishing

A-Z of Horror is an epic collection of anthologies with horrors for every letter of the alphabet. My story, "Angels on Mountaintops" appears in the volume dedicated to beastly horrors.

Exorcism Cover.jpg
A-Z of Horror: E is for Exorcism

Red Cape Publishing

A-Z of Horror is an epic collection of anthologies with horrors for every letter of the alphabet. My story, "Miracle at St. Mary's" appears in the volume dedicated to demonic horrors.

Scare Me Cover.jpg
Scare Me

Esskaye Books

Twelve terrifying short tales from some of the best independent authors. 'Scare Me' reveals the dark side of life where children accidentally commit heinous crimes, adults are far more aware of their misdemeanor, and the supernatural walks among the living with impunity.

Featuring my short story, "The Writing on the Wall."

Weird Fiction Vol. 1
Black Hare Press
Featuring my story, "The Aquinas Project."

A-Z of Horror: H is for Hell
Red Cape Publishing
Featuring my story, "The Watcher."

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