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"Cost of Living." Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter. (Bio Tech).

"She Who is No Longer Mine." Dose of Dread.

"Thoughts Too Heavy to Carry." Pyre Magazine. (Spring/Summer 2022)

"How to Find Your Happily Ever After." Daily Science Fiction.

"Mother." Every Day Fiction.

"Queen of Flowers." Wyld Flash.


"Coal Dust and Shadows." Wyldblood Magazine. (Issue 1).

"Angels on Mountaintops." Red Cape Publishing. (reprint).

"Lessons in Flight." From the Farther Trees. (Issue 3).

"The Hunter, Hunted." Eerie River Publishing.

"Sushi for One." The Roadrunner Review.

"The Murder of Crows." Not Deer Magazine. (Reprint).

"Small Talk." The Drabble.

"Will-o'-wisp." Moss Puppy Magazine. (Issue 1).

"Harmless Fun." Rune Bear Weekly.

"Tapestry of Scars." Dark Recesses Press.


"After the Guessing." Daily Science Fiction.

"Night Visions." Theme of Absence.

"Until the End." Crepe & Penn. (Issue 6-7).

Lizard-GirlStentorian Bitch. (Issue 1).


BupkissFlash Fiction Magazine.

The Cost of a WishCollective Realms Magazine.

The WindowSage Cigarettes Magazine (Issue 2).


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